Project Management

Project Management is the discipline of organizing and managing resources in such a way that these resources deliver all the work required to complete a project within defined scope, quality, time and cost constraints. Merriam & Associates has experience in small ($100,000 or less) and large ($1,000,000 or greater) projects.

Merriam & Associates brings over 35 years of experience in project management and the ability to work with a diverse number of disciplines.

Community Consultation

Organizations draw their strength from knowing who they are serving. Merriam & Associates has had the collective experience of consulting with people in a variety of settings ranging from small focus groups to larger forums as well as using various methodologies such as surveys and questionnaires to meet project needs.

Systems Restructuring

As communities and their infrastructure of services evolve in order to keep pace with need and meet the requirements of government funding, Merriam & Associates have been able to provide research and planning support to a variety of not-for-profit organizations as they prepare for change. With experience in the sectors of environment, health & social services, recreation and cultural activities, the firm will work with the client to develop a plan for service change.

Instruction & Adult Education

Adult education does not take place only in the classroom. Merriam & Associates builds on the skills of facilitation, research and planning to provide curriculum development and instructional strategies to meet the needs of the adult learner. Whether it is developing course curriculum or planning educational workshops, the firm can assist the client to plan an educational event that meets the needs of their stakeholders.

Environmental Planning and Approvals

Environmental approvals is a complex web of environmental laws, regulations and policies at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. Merriam and Associates keeps track of legislative, regulatory and policy changes at all three levels

Failure to secure necessary approvals can result in delays, extra costs and possible refusal for your project.

Merriam & Associates works in highly regulated environments, as well as providing in-house counsel for clients ranging from industry, municipal government, consultants and engineers. The firm has completed provincial Environmental Assessments, federal Canadian Environmental Assessments and municipal environmental impact studies.

Municipal Planning

Because of our multidisciplinary capabilities, local municipalities can draw upon the skills of a staff of professionals trained in a variety of fields. Further complementing this technical expertise are long-term relationships and access to specialised planning fields including community engagement.

Needs Assessment & Programme Planning

Planning for new initiatives must be grounded in good data collection and documentation of need. Merriam & Associates has used many different techniques to ensure that programme planning has been appropriately researched and the needs of the programme meticulously documented. Approaches to undertaking a needs assessment and research are custom-created in response to the unique needs and circumstances of each client and project.


Merriam & Associates has worked with a variety of agencies and organizations as facilitators for change. Using techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry as well as Outcomes Measurement, Merriam & Associates have been assisting organizations to negotiate and effect change and help move the stakeholders towards their goals for community improvement. These same skills are used to assist with team building and consensus building.

Strategic Planning & Visioning

Merriam & Associates has over 35 years of experience in completing strategic plans for a wide range of government and not-for-profit organizations. This experience is in many sectors including health, housing, environment, social services and recreation.